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Zoom slow when objects selected



For a little while now the zoom function has been incredibly slow, but only if I have an object selected. If it's just one object, it's only annoyingly slow. If I have multiple things selected It feels like it is crashing every time I try to zoom in or out. Eventually it catches up and starts working again. The zoom works just fine if nothing is selected, as it always has. I am using VW 2020 SP6 on a 2019 MacBook Pro. 

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I haven't seen that so far.


In the past there was a heavy lag when trying to zoom while your

cursor hovered over crowded geometry,

as it did not stop calculating snapping points while zooming.


That got better over the years.

But I think there was a little regression with latest VW 2021

graphics updates.


But AFAIK, no matter if anything already selected or not (?)

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This happens to me too, at least to some extent. I find that rolling the mouse wheel with something selected makes only a minimal zoom change, as if I only clicked the wheel once. The same wheel roll with nothing selected and it zooms in or out a lot, consistent with the number of clicks I rolled the wheel.


VW2020 SP6

mid-2015 MacBook Pro


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I tried with a small basic file.

I don't see any lags and no difference if something selected or not.


I tried a complex file, see some lags.

Not really in zoom scale but similar to missing frames in between.

And also I can't notice any difference between single or multiple

element selection or non though.


But I am on latest VW 2021, on M1 Mini with Big Sur 11.3

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