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IFC display problem

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Hello everyone,

I'm running Landmark 2021, and have a problem where importing an IFC model of 2 buildings into my drawing with a 3d site model.


Problem: When viewing in 3D, the IFC model is only showing in wireframe, regardless of the display settings for OpenGL.


I currently have the default OpenGL rough sketch settings, and the same IFC works fine imported within a blank document.  I have both the internal & local origin points within 200m (~650ft), and have tried restarting and basic problem solving steps, as well as changing some of the OpenGL options. 

The images show the same IFC in an empty, vs the working file using the same settings.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!



VW IFC Render.jpg

VW IFC Render 2.jpg

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Something kills the Fill of the Object (or Class ? if Attributes by Class)

as you can see in Attributes Palette.

No Fill applied, no 3D Appearance.


I don't know why this happens and if this is a works as designed.


You could try to Reference your Import file instead of importing the

IFC into your drawing file ....


Or you could check if something was lost in imported Class Settings


Or try to explode/ungroup all IFC Elements and assign all Attributes

by Class. If integrety isn't that important.

But caution !

AFAIK at least the IFC Tags are assigned to the IFC Container (only?)

and may get lost when exploding.


If you will receive regular updates from architects,

I think it is a very good Idea to import the IFC into a Container file and

reference that file into your Site Design file.

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Importing the IFC file as a reference worked, and seems like a good solution unless you'd need to pick or use any of the IFC elements (not really needed in my workflow).


I will fool around with importing the IFC into a blank VW file and importing that (not as a reference) to see if that also works in the case more control over specific elements is needed.


Thanks for the tip!

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