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Using Worksheets to Count Stanchions

SpecOps Penguin


I have multiple stanchion objects in a drawing & am trying to easily count the total number of stanchions required using a worksheet, but I cant seem to get the total to sum. Ideally my current 38 line database row would be summarized as a single sum total number, but when I use the sum values & summarize items check boxes it just returns me a -- instead of a number.



Stanchion Test.vwx

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It looks like the Stanchions field is stored as text rather than as a number.


Try changing your column B formula to =VALUE('Rope and Stanchion'.'TTLStanchions')


If you then set column A to =OBJECTTYPENAME and SUMmarize on Column A, you can then Sum Values on Column B to get a single subrow showing a total of 571 stanchions.


You will need to do the same for ropes, belts and chains. All are stored at text.


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1. 20 years of fighting VW on data stored as text.

2. I tried the Value() thing and it worked.

3. What I should have done in the first place was run my handy dandy script that shows you the data type of each field of a PIO parameter record. You probably should skim the entire thread to make sure you get the latest version of the script and the notes on how to use it.  Place a single instance of the PIO directly on a design layer and run the script. It will generate a worksheet showing all of the parameter fields of the PIO.



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