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Disappearing text


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Does the text just disappear at one time or does it gradually disappear? Do any other objects disappear?

Check to make sure the text is in a visible class and layer. If the text resides in a class that is not active or invisible, you will not be able to see it. The same holds true for layers.

Also make sure it is not grouped with another object and in a class other than it's usual self of the none class.

The other thing is to check memory allocation settings. Sometimes if you do not have enough memory allocated, things tend to just up and disappear slowly.

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How much memory do you have allocated to the program ?

Is the text in the none class ? If so, make sure the none class is set to visible in the classes dialog box. Also make sure you have Class Options set to at least Show Others if the None Class is not your active class.

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Are your class options set to "Show Others", "Show Snap others", or "Show Snap Mod Ohers" when the text seems to disappear ?

Is the layer the text resides in an active layer? Are your layer options set to one of the above settings ?

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We've had tear-your-hair-out sort of text problems on two diffent PC running VWA on two different files. This isn't a class visibility problem.

Text was visible on the screen, but wouldn't print. Text in some fonts would print, but not in all. For some reason the text changed to Tiepolo Book, which is visible, but won't print. We couldn't change it to Times New Roman, which we knew would print.

Through trial and error, we found that you have to select text one line below the font you want in order to get the font you want! This has got to be a bug.

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Hi Katie, no thats not possible...Its all text...everywhere. Like I pull down a menubar and that is blank aswell. I reboot and all is well for awhile. I think it could be some form of corruption... Perhaps it will disappear when I upgrade to 9.5, which I'm leary of cause of potential printer problems...

Thx anyway grin.gif" border="0

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This sounds like a memory problem. When stuff starts to disappear, especially menu text .. that could signal something running our of memory. It is possible to have too much memory allocated to the program. It just causes an overload.

How much built in memory do you have? Do you have any other programs open while working in VW ?You say you have a few hundred megs allocated to VW, correct? is this in the preferred or in the minimum, or both?

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Hi Sarah grin.gif" border="0 This is a early model G4 tower. And I'm useing 8.6, I have 9, and X on CD, but I'm reluctant to upgrade. Cause I hear horror stories about printer drivers.... And to lose printing would be bad, bad, bad... So, If I upgrade to 9 or X you believe it will fix the problem? Thx you very much for the info

shocked.gif" border="0

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We have seen this problem in the past ONLY on our original G4 towers (purchased almost 2 years ago). We think it was a video memory issue (since you had to reboot to fix it). Not all of our G4 towers experienced it, but we though it was an OS or firmware issue.

The machines are now running OS 9.2.1 or 9.2.2. I don't think we've seen the problem since pre OS 9. I don't remember which firmware version is installed.

Which OS are you using?

Sarah Sarnelli

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You should upgrade to OS 9 if you are using OS 8.6 right now. There is the same amount of driver support for OS 9 as OS 8.6. I recommend the latest 9.2.2.OS 10 however, has some driver support problems while everyone is trying to get OS 10 drivers out.

The problem you are having however is more than likely related to your video card and or memory problems.

There are a number of video problems that are alleviated with installing OS 9.2.x if the problem you are having is indeed a video driver issue.

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