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Color Code The Navigation Palette Please. Time Saver.

Joe Pro

Color Codes and Quick Class Changes  

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  1. 1. Does anyone else agree that the ability to color code the navigation palette class names and adding columns and check boxes to quickly modify class colors in the navigation palette would be a nice feature??

    • Yes, this is all brilliant!
    • No, this is ridiculous! Go back to your amateur drawings.
    • I only like the highlighting the names of the classes in different colors idea.
    • I only like the extra columns in the navigation palette to quickly change class colors/textures idea.


Here's are two wish list items,


Can we figure out a quick and simple way to color code the navigation palette as far as classes at least.  I see being able to highlight the names of the classes in the palette to any color you want would be a tremendous advantage for time saving. Given there are so many classes in all of our drawings, I think it would be so easy if I could just scroll to a given color to find the class I am looking for. Before you all jump on me, yes, I realize there is a search function for this reason, however, at least for me, my brain does not function in that way to think to start typing the name of my class. Also, I feel like it takes longer to type in the exact right name of the a class than to quickly scroll and find a color. If there is already an easy way to do this, please let me know and disregard.


While we are on this navigation palette topic, I also feel like it would be great if there were more columns to class tab that you could either customize with things like, class pen color, class fill color, and class texture. Essentially, a little check box with the given shade of color in it to let you quickly change the colors or texture of the class. I am sick of having to left click the class, scroll up to edit, click edit, move to the color tab, click the color tab, then select my color, then click okay. Same for the texture. There should be a quick color palette that pops up in one just one click of the appropriate color check box in the appropriate column (and row) for the class you want to modify.  Any thoughts?



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