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To 9.5 or not to 9.5?


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Of course you should update to VW 9.5 for the bug fixes, the speed issues that were addressed, etc. There is a read me file list of bugs that were addressed in VW 9.5 on the VW 9.5 download web page.

The one draw back of upgrading to VW 9.5 since you are on a MAC would be print driver support. I believe Mac Plot now has the updated driver available to work with carbonized applications. They were expected to release it this past Friday morning.

The biggest problem we have found with Mac users and VW 9.5 is print driver support. There are not very many print drivers that are compatible with carbonized applications or at least Carbon Lib 1.4 or 1.5. Of course you can always revert to VW 901 for printing needs if your print driver falls under the category of not having an updated carbonized driver available, and using VW 9.5 to perform your drafting needs.

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