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Kevin K

Referencing Curtain Wall items on Schedules

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This may have been addressed here in the forums in the past, but I had no luck.

Pertaining to Window and Door Schedules, how would you account for glazing in a curtain wall ?

Because it is basically a 'wall', you can't tick the box that says 'on schedule' in the OIP


This may be a question for "Mr. Worksheet' ( Pat Stanford). :-)

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There is a 'CurtWallPnlAreaGross' function that will return the combined gross area of all the curtain wall panels in the walls meeting the criteria you specify.


But were you thinking more of a schedule of all the individual panels + their sizes? That would definitely be an @Pat Stanford question...

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hahahahaha.....Good point Tom W :-)

When things get tough....time to call Pat.!!


Thanks for the heads-up however, on what you mentioned.

Yeah, I was hoping to just include  the data from the curtain, be it doors, or windows,  within the door and window schedules. Probably a pipe dream, but just thought to throw it out here in the forums.


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Well Doors + Windows that you insert in a Curtain Wall are no different to those inserted in a standard wall in terms of reporting. But what's interesting is that the  'CurtWallPnlAreaGross' function doesn't seem to take into account doors/windows placed in the wall in terms of its area calculation i.e. if you place a big window in a curtain wall you'd expect the panel area of the wall to reduce accordingly in the worksheet but it doesn't...


Like you I'd be interested to know if this is it in terms of reporting on curtain walls or if there are other options hiding somewhere...


Not used Curtain Walls before but seen some good (unexpected) stuff done with them recently so feel I ought to learn more...

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@Tom W. Exactly! Maybe that option is hiding somewhere to facilitate including curtain wall glazing, doors and windows into a door and window schedule. I certainly could not find it.


You should dive a little deeper pertaining to the curtain wall stuff.  It definitely has it's place tor certain scenarios, especially relating to commercial work where you would have what I would call 'store front' windows...lots of windows and glass, etc.


Plus, to my knowledge, it is the only way to put a door and a window into the same opening.  As you know, you can include a transom above a door, but that is not the same situation at all.

I found a great use for several curtain walls (still sort or a strange name, to me) in that crazy pyramid themed designI did and had referenced awhile ago.

Some curtain walls were used as a sort of atrium-breezeway between the main house and a few bedrooms at the far end of the residence. Curtain walls worked perfectly in this case.

Note how those walls were used in the low-res screenshot.



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The 20 minute search this morning (including finding the 60 minutes of thrashing in 2017) did not turn up any way to get more that Net and Gross glazing area and frame length out of curtain walls. Sorry.


Did you know that you can insert Doors and Windows into Curtain walls just like regular walls? So at least for openable windows and doors it might be worth doing that so they can be added to the schedule.


It seems to me that if the exact panel sizes are critical, you really need to manually model the exact brand of curtain wall rather than using the default Curtain Wall object. In that case you could attach records/make schedules to get the detailed information you need. If you don't do that and specify (and confirm the contractor is actually using the brand specified), any extra work you put into that is at the whim of the contractor (as is almost everything you design).

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@Pat Stanford "The 20 minute search this morning (including finding the 60 minutes of thrashing in 2017) did not turn up any way to get more that Net and Gross glazing area and frame length out of curtain walls. Sorry"


Oh, Pat....I am soooo disappointed !  :-)

I should be the one to apologize sending you down that rabbit hole !! There are workarounds to this.  Could just add a little addendum below the schedules, calling out the fixed glazing within the curtain walls.


Yes, I knew about the doors and widows within the curtain wall.  In fact, if you look closely to that pathetic low res screen shot I posted, you will note that there are two doors and actually, although not open in 3d, that entire bank of high windows are awning windows. So...... I do get your comment on dragging windows into the curtain wall.  Very cool feature, really.

Thanks heaps for looking into it.  Where should I send the check?     :-)




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I think I was either a rabbit or a ferret in a previous live. I seem to really like rabbit holes.  ;-)


It was an interesting hole. Always learning something.



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@Pat Stanford You know.....I think I resolved the issue.


I simply created a fixed window, for each of the default curtain wall glazed areas within the wall (D U H !) 

By doing so, all the openings are accounted for within the curtain wall, pertaining to all the windows and doors that will appear on the schedules. 


How easy was that!!




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