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Trouble with Units

Thomas Peters

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In the interest of accommodating all unit preferences, I've made sure to use dim nodes for all dimension values.

So far this works perfectly if I change unit preferences inside of my working document. 


If I create a new imperial document, I can import and operate these object nodes perfectly. 
If I create a new metric document, they do not even appear on the design layer, and the Shape pane in the OIP shows me nothing aside from that there should be 'something' there...


I'm inserting some hybrid symbols and manipulating their z height. There isn't very much to the network at all. 


Is anyone able to reproduce this? Any advice would be appreciated. 

Stand Hollywood Combo Triple.vwx

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Thank you @m.graf, the only difference I can see is that you've drawn a wire from the resultant object to the dummy node at the end?

This does" tie the room together" nicely, but if I import the red symbol from the Resource Browser in your file into a new Blank (metric) document, it still doesn't appear when insert it. See attached screen recording.


If it's in a document and it works then it works perfectly, it's getting it into the document that's giving me trouble.


Thank you also for your other contributions to this forum, I'm currently using parts of your Object Builder network to read worksheet data for my next Marionette project.

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Yes, if by intelligent symbol you mean a red symbol?


As someone with some experience in defining bugs, I don't like using the phrase 'it does not work' in this context, but I do hope I have been clear with my description of the issue? If I have been vague or unclear anywhere, please let me know.


If I create a new red symbol in your document and import that into a new imperial file, it does work.


If I create a new red symbol in your document and import that into a new metric file, it does not work.

(Does the German language version even have an imperial option?)


If I paste the marionette into a new metric file and then create the red symbol in the new document, it does work. 


Posts like these have helped me learn just about every tool I know, so I hope this isn't drawn out, and I hope that future readers will benefit from this.



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@Thomas Peters

Hi Thomas,

the issue you're having is indeed a bug, not what you are suspecting though. Not the difference between metric and imperial is at play here, but the scale of the design layer at which the red symbol was created (here: 1/4''=1') and the scale of the design layer you are trying to insert the red symbol.

If the two scales are different, all wires within the wrapper are disconnected and thus: no more geometry in the Marionette Object.


Long story short: this was reported a couple weeks ago. There's a chance this might be fixed with 2021 SP3 - no promises though.




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