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Creating my own user library of plant records



Currently I have a file with all the plant records I have created that I use across my Client planting plans.  It works but I am sure that I must be able to create my own library so that I can access it from any file and still create plant schedules etc.  Is there a tutorial anywhere or can someone tell me how to do this when I duplicate a record to create my own plant record?  I should add that I am on VW2019.





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There are a few ways to create custom resource libraries so that you can access resources in other files. Here are a couple links you may find interesting/helpful. The first link helps explain the different options.


VW 2019 Help - Creating Custom Resource Libraries



Also, if you have Designer and are interested in a workgroup setup, there is a helpful webinar on VW University called "Workgroup Folders".



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Justine
It's great that you already have the file set up with all your fave plants. 
It will be very easy to put them in a place where the Plant tool can always see them. And, if you follow this instruction, it will be migrated automatically when you next upgrade, saving the headache of piecing it all back together.

I see you are using Vectorworks on a Mac, so:

  • Open Vectorworks and go to the Vectorworks > Vectorworks Preferences and click the User Folders tab.
  • Click Reveal in Finder.
  • This will take you to the usually hidden location, where all the customisations are stored for Vectorworks.
  • There is a folder for each version of Vectorworks that's installed on the computer.
  • Open the relevant folder and then navigate to: Libraries/Object Styles/Plant
  • Drag the file that contains your plants into this folder.
  • Now, in Vectorworks, on the Resource Manager, click the cog icon and choose Refresh Libraries.
  • Now, your plants will show up within the Plant or Landscape Area tool, regardless of which file you have open. 
  • In the future, when you upgrade, the Migration Manager will update this file and move the new User Folder for the new version.
  • When you create new plants in any future project, simply right-click on them and choose Export Plant. Choose to put the plant in the same file and then your library will continue to grow organically, and be available all the time. 
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