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Issue with light symbols after hidden line renders

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Im having an issue with light symbols distorting after hidden-line renders, as seen here:


LX Fixture Issue.pdf


It only affects the 3D part of the symbol. The issue was first noticed in V2020 and may have been present before this. The work-around is to use the Refresh Lighting Devices command. 


Has anyone else come across this?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Symo


Yes I saw the same issue, I think there was an issue with the particular lighting device you had inserted (I don't know why this happened just one of those unexplained things, I am keeping my eye on it). Basically if it happens again go into the resource manager and import a fresh version of that lighting instrument and overwrite the one you have. This will overwrite the one in the current document.


I have also put in a black and white open GL rendering to see what you think as it is much faster to update than hidden line. It is attached!


All the best


Tom W



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