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Can anyone tell me why my core and drywall on this wall do not meet the top of my exterior shingles in this model.  It seems to me that once I put my slabs on I would want them sitting on top of my wall not down in it.  The height of the wall is to be the interior ceiling height.  So the bottom of the ceiling slab would sit on top.  The base of the wall is to be connected to the top of the first floor slab with not overlap on either.  I thinking basic residential construction-Foundation, sill, joists & floor sheething (making my slab), walls including base plate, framing and top plate.  Then repeating for the second floor minus the sill1321766135_Screenshot(53).thumb.png.e8abeaefe6d0a60c9370651ee026f4ca.png1318707803_Screenshot(54).thumb.png.b6b590cbebcd1c9b826210a5f8509537.png642255520_Screenshot(55).thumb.png.3eed7dce3ea4e8f60e0a4bad1421b913.png.

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