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Smart edge snapping



I'm having regular issues when using the smart edge snapping option. It works fine with lines but when I'm using it with curves, it will every now and then draw the curve edge and then completely freeze the software, obliging me to force quit and restart Vectorworks. I'm on VWX2021 but I had this issue occurring on precious versions as well (2020 and 2019, I would say) and completely different drawings (which makes me think this might not be caused by a corrupted file or the like?).


Has anybody else been experiencing this issue and, if so, would have any solution/workaround to suggest? The only way I've found to deal with it at the moment is to have a shortcut for this snapping option to more easily/quickly turn it on and off and so reduce the risk to trigger this bug but it is really not ideal.

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I have also experienced this many times. I have reported it as a bug and the Vectorworks engineers have been unable to reproduce it. Can I suggest you also report it as a bug too and hopefully they will look at it again.


If you include the file you are working on then it might help things along....


Glad it's not just me!

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