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Saved views to include viewport layer visibility

Ross McLee



On recommendation from forum discussions - I have created a single VWX file which contains 5 layers. Each layer has a different DWG file imported (not referenced) onto it representing the content for the 5 floors of my building.


I then reference this file into my main VWX drawing. By using the OIP I switch the viewport visibility of the referenced layers (for each floor) in conjunction with the specific floor layer(s) that I am working on. This is great and has improved performance (compared to importing/referencing all 5 DWGs directly into the main file). I need to remember to set the active layer to the reference file layer to select the viewport and change the layer visibility, then change active layer back (I mainly like to use grey/snap others!)


I have been using saved views for a little while now, and love how they speed up switching layers and visibilities, however I would really like the ability to switch the viewport layer visibility (classes too perhaps, but not relevant in this particular case). So in this scenario a saved view for the first floor would set the active layer to "My First Floor", "Architect Level 01" ON, "Reference file" ON, "Viewport / Reference File - Layer Level 01" ON (all others off). Grey/snap others.


Is this even possible?... I don't know. 🙂







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