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structural grid - export to ifc not possible using own data manager sets

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we are working very intensively with the data manager and want to use our datamanager-sets we already created in Vectorworks 2020 in Vectorworks 2021, too. 


However now exporting the new structural grid objects to ifc doesn't work with our data manager-set. The "Structural grid object" doesn't appear in our data manager sets and everytime I add the Plugin-Object "StructuralGrid" (in german it's called "Achse") manually, I only can add the pset "IfcGrid". I cannot choose "IfcGridAxis" (which must be the right option instead)


When I reset the Datamanager to "basic defaults" instead (don't know how the menu item is called in english) the "structural grid" PIO appears in the data manager and the pset "IfcGridAxis" suddenly appears for "Structural Grid". I don't know how it happened. However, adding the pset "ifcGridAxis" isn't possible at all. Why?

How can I implement the structural grid object in my own Datamanager-set and make it work properly? 


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now I need to repeat this work and I don't get it done

can anyone suggest me a good working xml-editor? I can't solve my problem with the data manager and need a good XML-Editor.


@JBenghiat @Pat Stanford @Hugues sorry for bothering, but does anyone of you know a good xml-editor for mac?

And, y the heck can't I add the entity "ifcgridaxis" to the data manager?


I have been able to copy and paste the code, the last time, now it doesn't work...



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1 hour ago, JBenghiat said:

Visual Studio Code

I Do already use visual studio code but when I open one window next to the other it starts getting confusing. On the left side one window with 2 tabs, on the right side one tab. It’s good, better then nothing but not satisfying...

i will try the plist editor and give visual studio code another chance 



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