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Plant list 'double counting' SOME plants.

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I just added a couple of new plants to a project.

SOME of the new symbols (not all of them) are being double counted in my plant schedule.

-also two of the existing plants are now double counting.


And if I add any new single new plant it is showing up as two.


Plant schedule screen grab:




  • Highlighted are doubled - most are a single plant listed as two, the Vitex is 4 plants listed as 8
  • red checks are new plants
  • green are old that are now doubled.

Thought on where to start trouble shooting?

So far I've restarted VW and the workstation and deleted and rep[laced the double counted symbols.


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Check the Criteria of the Database row. 

  Worksheet Menus: View Menu: make sure Database Headers is Checked.

  Right Click in the database header (i.e. 3, not 3.1, 3.2, etc.) and choose Edit Criteria.

  Make sure the criteria is specifying the layer(s) that you want to count objects on. If you don't specify the layers it may be counting objects in both design layer and sheet layers. I thought that was fixed, but I know that used to happen. If you are counting objects on multiple design layers just add them all in as separate criteria rows.


If you are still getting duplicate, then turn off any SUMmarization in any column and then right click on the subrows (I.E. 3.1, 3.2) and Select Object to see if you actually have somehow duplicated objects on top of each other.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

my guess is you were placing a single plant using the ply vertex mode of the plant tool. this is the second option on the mode bar and when placing a single plant people often multi click to end. This will place two plants on top of each other. Thus 2 plants instead of one.

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@bgoff I don't think that's it this time...


The plants are listed in the tag correctly (ie each plant is listed as 1 plant in the tag but 2 plants in the schedule.)


I did check to make sure I was in the correct mode when I deleted and replaced them...


Also some of the plants that were already there and that I didn't touch switched to double counting - the Vitex trees went from 4 to 8 with no input from me.

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