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Fundamentals Workspace

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I’m working with a client who has a Fundamentals license. I have a Designer license. When I go to my Fundamentals workspace, are the same features missing for me that are missing for them?


I need to clearly understand what the limitations are on their end for frustration-free collaboration.





Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 1.49.22 PM.png

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Yes, the menu commands and tools that you see in the Fundamentals workspace are the one's they have access to.


The thing to look out for is that if you use PIOs that are not included in Fundamentals you will be able to edit them (since your license is actually Designer) while they will be "read only" proxy objects for the user on Fundamentals.


If you need a "fool proof" (remember they always make a better fool) way to check, you can create a script with just the following line:




That should make your version think it is Fundamentals and Renderworks only. To undo this you will have to quite and restart VW.

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4 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

Even if you are using their workspace, you may still have access to PIO settings that they might not have if you don't do the DiableModules thing.


I defer to Pat's superior knowledge.  But, if your client has customized their workspace, having their actual .vww file will make your interface identical to theirs, as an added measure to Pat's Designer disabling script.

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@Pat Stanford and @P Retondo thanks so much!


Question: after following both of these steps, would it be possible for me to export a custom Fundaments workspace from my copy of VW that they could import?


When we did a screen share, it looked like theirs was all out of wack. No access to Layers in the Nav palette (even from the Menu bar)… I would love to customize it for them by turning on layer scale etc.


I’m also afraid this is headed towards a user folder dump, and I’m really trying to sell them on VW without frustrating them with too much tech support. They’re coming from SketchUp and Cinema.

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Yes, you should be able to send them workspace.


Or just have them open the Workspaces dialog box and see if they are running a stock workspace (saved in Applications folder) or a custom workspace (saved anywhere else).  




If it is a custom with a stock name, they should Duplicate it under a different name and then delete the version in the User Folder. That should get them back access to the stock version.


They may have really messed up and saved a custom workspace in the Applications folder, but it would have been a manual thing. VW has not done that for a long time.

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