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Image Props/3d Plant symbols


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I'm placing plants in a plan and want 3d plant symbols.   I had some luck taking a Rhododendron and matching it up with images in the stock symbol library.  Although the scale of the flowers and leaves are way off because I rescaled.    I watched two videos, the images in each were already cleaned up and backgrounds removed.  Is this a requirement prior to importing the image or can the image be cleaned in VW?  I attempted to generate image props as per the video generating an image prop for a new plant in Vectorworks.  The end image prop on the plan is just an image of the shrub.  Nothing happened except the image pasted to the plan.   I am seeing two main differences between what I made happen and what I saw happen.  First I do not have an alpha channel button.  This is not available on my system so I'm not sure if I need it.  Then I saw GDI + is supposed to run when importing pics but it looks like its not recommended to be enabled on a PC.  I will post this issue separately but just wanted to bring it up.


For the Vector Works tech people which VW university class covers this?  I looked at a few but am not sure. 

Screenshot (52).png

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Gimp is free, cross platform and open source.

If you are not familiar already with any proprietary Image Editing Software,

like Photoshop already, it may be worth to learn/start with Gimp.

On Mac I prefer simple Pixelmator for my purposes because it is very easy

to use. 

For a full featured package I would recommend Affinity Photo, reasonably

priced with perpetual license, Mac and PC.

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@Landartma Another nice program for this task is Affinity Photo.  It's pretty inexpensive and has the lion's share of Photoshop features I use.

I prefer the Ipad version for preparing plant images because it's fast and intuitive when using the apple pencil, especially when compared to the desktop + mouse workflow.  Once you get the desired image prepared, here's a video on how to get VWX to generate the image prop for you while defining the plant object.



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