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Room Finishes

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In the Space tool, I can define room finishes from a drop down menu, linked to a .txt file in the application... Can I change the file this is linked to, or would I have to copy information in an other document into the ones embedded in VW? The standard ones are presumably a US imperial spec and not particularly relevant for UK. I appreciate I can edit this from inside the finishes page, but might be useful to refer to a different spec note document (word or notepad?)


room finishes.jpg

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You would have to convert your specs into .txt files + save them in the 'Space - Room Finishes' user folders. There are separate ones for 'Base', 'Ceiling', 'Floor' + 'Walls' so you'd need a .txt file for each. If you had a long list of finishes this would probably be more efficient than doing it through the 'Edit Room Finishes' dialog but not quite as simple as importing a pre-existing word/notepad doc...

I haven't tried this by the way!

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