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Importance of CPU/GPU for 2D Work


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I´m currently putting together a new iMac for VW. We don´t use Renderworks and currently only do 2D work.

As far as I understood more cores are needed for rendering but what is important for 2D work? GPU Speed vs. VRAM, Single Core CPU speed vs. multicore?

Especially if you want to be future proof. Should I go for the 16GB VRAM GPU instead of 8GB?


Thank you.

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1 hour ago, CDizzy said:

but what is important for 2D work?


Single core speed, "enough" RAM and fast GPU with "enough" VRAM.



usually it's not about the default GHz number but the higher boost frequency,

which can be achieved when only one or a few cores are in use.

For the iMac, that means that i7 and 10 core i9 are both listed with 5.0 GHz

boost frequency.

So the lower clocked i9 will not be slower in single core performance.

Just faster in multicore performance. Which you of course will not need.

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