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I need an architect worthy mouse

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15 hours ago, zoomer said:

some love drawing on Screen, while others really hate when their hand

occludes parts of their Drawing ....

(What did all these people before PCs when drawing on paper 🧐 )


To be fair I actually remember finding that aspect of manual drafting annoying, before I'd even experienced CAD, haha

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Regarding a mouse, I just have a typical wireless logitech (yeah, I went wireless last year while living on the boat)...you can turn off the detent for the wheel/scroll if you want...sometimes I incline my mouse surface side-to-side with the low side being outboard...it doesn't take much incline to releave the tension in your wrist (for anyone with wrist pain, try that first....)...it fits my hand nicely...I also use the Space Commander or whatever that thing's called by 3D Connexion...but mostly when I'm drawing in Rhino....for Vectorworks, pretty typical mouse set up...




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Poor drafting machine relegated to the back of house 😞.  I miss those things.


My drafting table and parallel bar sit right behind the sit/stand which supports the modern tech.  Although today, it’s more of a throw space to get next week’s work organized.  Lots of hand drawing and painting for next week 🙂. Sometimes you have to trap the mouse and bust out the horsehair.





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19 hours ago, halfcoupler said:



Sorry to hijack this thread, but I could not resit in commenting this with what I have in the very back of my drawer and in the lumber room:






btw.:  I'm using 3D Cad Mouse and Space Mouse today 😀



Used to have same tools + cast iron drawing table with 40kg weight to control the rulers. 😅
Good old days somehow....


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5 minutes ago, zoomer said:


Had the largest on a 2 m table.

Loved it.


Tried a drafting machine from my father too but preferred my Mayline.

I think my love for the drafting machine comes from using them in college when doing product design.  I liked being able to orientate my paper askew to the drawing surface and adjusting the tool to suit.  That being said, I never purchased one and opted for the mayline for its longer horizontal base compared to a drafting machine.  Pretty nice to be able to lay down a series of 36" long parallel horizontal lines when doing site sections or typical architectural elevations prior to CAD.

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2 hours ago, Sidge said:

Hi there. I just ordered this mouse. Are you on a Mac?   Have you figured out how to Pan? Without holding down the space bar?

Hi @Sidge, yes, I'm on a Mac Mini M1.. enjoying it a lot.. migrated from a 2013 Mac Pro.

Never bothered to find out if I could pan without the space bar.. since that motion is so natural.. mouse in the right hand, left thumb on the space bar..

I'm guessing what you want is probably possible.. maybe map the middle mouse button or another button to that function...

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I had a problem with a Logitech mouse which wasn't recognised by "Logi Options" which you have to use instead of Logitech Control centre if you're on an M1 mac (or any Big sur mac?).


The logitech website said it was compatible but it isn't. After about 2 painful months of back and forth with their customer services I got a mouse that does work. That was the 3rd mouse they sent me.

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