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Delete bridle line from render viewport


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34 minutes ago, Kevin Allen said:

don't the bridle lines, by default, have their own class? Turn that off in the Viewport.


Yes, but the lines are controlled by the main class. If you set it to invisible, you can't see the 3d geometry. If you turn off the geometry, you see only the main class with lines.

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yes. On. the design layer, I would create anew class. In the class creation dialog I would choose which viewports in which you want the class visible. You can also turn the class on and off in the OIP with Viewport selected when viewing the sheet layer.


I would use the Magic Wand tool to elect all of the bridle lines. Alternately, shift select the individual items. Then in the OIP, assign the class.


I am forgetting if there is a dialog that lets you automatically adding classes to the rigging objects.

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Yes, i know the process. But lines are connected to the main class object. If you turn off the main class, 3d geometry and lines are turned off -even if classe are visibile-. You can turn off the 3d geometry but you can’t turn off the lines. So in this way i need to hide the entire object but i need to hide only lines.. that’s my issue..

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12 hours ago, Kevin Allen said:

Don't the lines represent cables? Can you take one piece of truss and rigging, put in a document and post?


Here is it


The main class is Bridle Main. Then are also:


Rigging-Bridle-Connection= connections

Rigging-Bridle-Geometry= what I need in gray

Rigging-Bridle-Label= label if exist


You can hide the last 3. If you hide the first one the entire object disappear.


If you set the first class to show, you alway see lines, even if the planar object on viewport is set to off





Schermata 2021-02-14 alle 10.15.01.png

Schermata 2021-02-14 alle 10.16.57.png

Schermata 2021-02-14 alle 10.17.06.png

Schermata 2021-02-14 alle 10.17.09.png

Schermata 2021-02-14 alle 10.17.13.png

Schermata 2021-02-14 alle 10.17.21.png

Bridle lines.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Zeno


The bridle tool classing and visibility can be a bit confusing, as the bridle object classes are used slightly differently from the Vectorworks norm.


Bridle-Main is the complete object and not only included the bridle object sub classes but also the any of the classes connected to the bridle parts (the physical rigging materials needed to create the bridle)


The three classes that are in the Bridle classes dialogue, control the automatically generated parts of the bridle object

  • Bridle legs- is the default geometry created by the bridle object when not using 3D parts. This is where the Bridle object classing functionality differs from the VW norm. The class visibility behavior is defined by whether you are using the 'Simple 3D Parts' setting in the bridle object properties and what view mode you are in (2D top plan/3D)
    • Simple 3D parts is on (the default)
      • in 2D top plan view the class controls the bridle legs visibility as normal
      • in 3D views the leg geometry is effectively split into 2 classes the 'thicker' colored line display of the legs is controlled by the Bridle legs class, and the thinner black and white by the Bridle main class (or what ever the user defines for this)
    • Simple 3D parts is off
      • 2D as above
      • 3D visibility is controlled by the individual classing of the bridle parts (see below) used to make the leg and as before the complete object by the Bridle main class
  • Bridle leg labels- this controls the leg labels in 2D top plan view mode
  • Connection Marker- controls the connection markers in both 2D and 3D views

Currently the bridle parts classing is defined by the symbols in the Stock Bridle material library file

  • shackle symbols use the Rigging-Accessories Shackles class
  • STAC chains, choke chain/chain shorten symbols use the Chain short class
  • Steels use the Steel cable class

Email me if you want me to go through this in more detail



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