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BS1192/ISO19650 compatible Class Libraries - Update

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The NBS team have just announced an update to their Uniclass tables. 


The updated tables can be found here https://www.thenbs.com/-/media/uk/files/zip/uniclass/uniclass-all-2021-01.zip?la=en


As part of our ongoing preparation of Vectorworks resources for our clients and customers, we have just updated the BS1192/ISO19650 compatible class library previously issued, namely Uniclass Table EF to v1.8 and attach it for your information and comment.


All amendments and revisions to classes are noted in Red.


The NBS team have not deprecated any classes in this latest update, but we will note these in grey when the time comes.


There is a 'Read Me' class also in the file, to identify the version of the table, along with commonly used filters as previously discussed.


Uniclass Table Ss is currently in preparation, and can be emailed on request.


The attached table is v2020.  It was felt that issuing v2020 and letting you convert to v2021 did not pose any major technical issues.


As before classes are prefixed with the Discipline code 'A-'.  Use the Batch Rename command to change this code.


If you would like any other tables in any other version of Vectorworks; need help uploading to, or configuring your workgroup folder; or would like be included on our mailing list, please do not hesitate to contact us via the forum.




Steven Shorter

BA(Hons) DiplArch(pcl) Architect


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Thought I would share with you two new class libraries for use on your Vectorworks BIM projects, or just if you would like to adopt industry standard class naming.


Attached are:


Uniclass Table Zz v1.0




Uniclass Table Ss v1.21


Due to the sheer quantity of possible classes in the Ss table, I have decided to issue them in sections, or rather by group.


The Uniclass system comprises four sets of numbers.


These correspond to Group, Sub-Group, Section, and Object.


The Ss classes attached are limited to Group and Sub-group, e.g.




Further libraries are in preparation.  In the meantime, let me know if you would like any more libraries, or classes.




Steven Shorter, architect

Classes-BS1192-Uniclass2015-Ss-v1-21-GroupSubGroup-2020.vwx Classes-BS1192-Uniclass2015-Zz-v1-0-2020.vwx

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Good morning


The NBS Uniclass Team has recently released some updates to the Uniclass 2015 tables.


The Uniclass 2015 classification system can be found in the new NBS Chorus plugin for Vectorworks which I recommend you take time to review as it really is rather good.


Having started this endeavour and promised the occassional update, please find attached the latest rebranded set of class libraries aimed at the UK market and those markets intending to adopt UK CAD and BIM Standards. 


We have stopped referring to BS1192, since it is now defunct, and now refer to it's replacement, ISO19650, even though all classes have been drafted in accordance with ISO19650 using BS1192 naming conventions!


Install the class libraries in your practice workgroup folder.


EF Elements and Functions 1.9

Pr Products (Group and Sub-Group) 1.22

Pr Products (Group, Sub-Group and Section) 1.22

Ss Systems (Group and Sub-Group) 1.22 (note there are no changes to these classes)

Ss Systems (Group, Sub-Group and Section) 1.22


Zz Annotation 1.0


All files are issued in Vectorworks 2021 file format.  Please get in touch if you would like an earlier version.


We are currently preparing an addendum to the Zz table to include the additional codes devised by the AEC UK CAD Standards team back in 2015, since the Uniclass 2015 table Zz is missing a number of critical non-building element 'annotation' classes, such as 'Areas' and in particular 'GEA', 'GIA', and 'NIA'.


Please note that the class libraries attached are intended to replace the 'AEC UK CAD Standard' libraries that have shipped with Vectorworks since 2016.  Vectorworks 2019 introduced class and layer filtering.  As a consequence, the use of the - (hyphen) to act as a separator and to make use of the hierarchical menu system is redundant and we can now adopt BS1192/ISO19650 naming conventions verbatim.  Filters are included in the class libraries to help make navigation easier.


As always, if you have questions about the class libraries, workgroup folders, class and layer filters, or Vectorworks CAD and BIM Standards compliance in general, please get in touch.


The above does not obviate the need to correctly classify your BIM objects and components correctly via data entry and asset tagging, but will hopefully go some way to ensure your 'Layer' naming convention is compliant.




Steven Shorter

BA Hons DiplArch(pcl) ARB


Classes-ISO19650-Uniclass2015-Pr-v1-22-GroupSubGroup-2021.vwx Classes-ISO19650-Uniclass2015-Pr-v1-22-GroupSubGroupSection-2021.vwx Classes-ISO19650-Uniclass2015-EF-v1-9-Complete-2021.vwx Classes-ISO19650-Uniclass2015-Ss-v1-22-GroupSubGroup-2021.vwx Classes-ISO19650-Uniclass2015-Zz-v1-0-Complete-2021.vwx Classes-ISO19650-Uniclass2015-Ss-v1-22-GroupSubGroupSection-2021.vwx

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