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Place to save global data


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We are currently saving some global data like some settings and also our internal file version inside the drawing header. The file version is used to convert our own data between our code versions.


We have problems though with this solution with referenced files and also with working files. Whenever a referenced file is updated or we call refresh inside a working file, we must convert the new data from the referenced file or the project file if we are in a working file. Yes, this data can't be saved, but we must update it temporarily so that our tools and plugins continue working because they are designed in way in which they expect all data to be updated to the newest version.


We run our conversion routine whenever the current document is changed, a new file is opened and also if a reference is refreshed or a working file is refreshed.



We can't access the drawing header of the referenced file or from the file that belongs to the objects that are refreshed in a working file, but we would need to know what the file version is there to decide, which convert function we must run on those refreshed objects.



Is there another way to save file based data even if we are using referenced files and project files?

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