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Transparent Texture

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I need to apply an image of a forest of silver birch trees to a glass partition in an office. The trees themselves and leaves need to remain vibrant but the back ground areas around the tree to be clear glass. How do you create a texture that has this sort of transparency on in without loosing the strength of the image?


Any help or guidance would be appreciated.



Birch Trees Manifeatation.jpg

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I do this, and have done exactly what you want to do in either Photoshop or VWX.


In VWX, I choose the transparency Shader and then use the eyedropper to select the white areas as transparent.


In Photoshop, I'll do a similar approach, or create a luminosity mask, save the channel, and then use the channel in the transparency shader. Sometimes it helps to save the file as a TIFF rather than a PSD file.

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