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Auto-classing problems in 9.5

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I am pulling my hair out because the Door Tool in the Objects Tool Bar symbols will not auto class as they did in VWA 9.0.1.

I didn't originally realize this is specific to only the doors, so far.

I checked the VWA manual and on page 3-11 it explains auto-classing but it does not tell you how to modify this. The manual does say that non classed symbols are included for the Object Browser for those people that do not want to have auto-classing.

Has anyone noticed other symbols not auto-classing?

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I just checked the Object Browser symbols in the Object Libraries and they are not auto-classing either.

However, when I use the Object Browser to browse to the old VWA 9.0.1 Object Libraries they auto-class fine.

Should I just copy the entire folder of VWA 9.0.1 auto-classed symbols into the VWA 9.5 folder?

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Ed:You might look at my post "autoclassing hell" for more on autoclassing issues. Granted it was with 9.01, but still a pet peave of mine. They seem to have moved away from the time saving convenience of autoclassing that exisited in 8.5. Why, I can't tell you. All I know is that its now more of a pain in the rear (takes more time= cost more money to use)to insert objects and then assign a class. Robert A. explained that whereas the program without architect used to auto-class (8.5), the base proram w/o architect now does not (9.01 at the time). Why this could not be modified in the code in the Architect add-on, I have no idea. Its a bad move.

This message subject to NNA censorship.

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Since I'm being "quoted" here ;-) I thought I'd clarify: Objects placed **with the object tools** are set up not to auto-class in VectorWorks 9.x or VWA 9.x.

Objects placed **using the Object Browser libraries** are set up to auto-class, unless you install the non-classing version of the libraries. For more information, see page 3-11 in the VWA9 manual.

We have chosen to make the "raw" objects non-classing to provide standards flexibility for those users who wanted their own classing standards (as opposed to those standards promulgated by VWA.) The fact that we were setting classing standards was a ***major*** complaint about VW 852 and VWA version 1.

If you want to set your own classing standards for the plug-in objects so you can use the tools to auto-class them, this can be done using the Edit Plug-in... command. For more information about setting the default class of an object, go to the VectorScript Language Guide found in your on-line help, page 12-5.


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I have checked the symbols that are to be autoclassed from the Object Browser according to page B-14.

The simple door and stair tools definitley do not auto class. Please verify this and have a patch issued.

If it's as simple as copying the original plug ins and symbols from 8.5 than I will do that. But let me know. From what I remember, the symbols and plug ins are not interchangeable because of the differences between 8.5 and 9.5.

Thanks. VWA is agreat program and I'm glad I stuck with it during the buggy times.

Edward KoenigCarmelhill Architectswww.CARMELHILL.com

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