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Hardscape Library Object

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I have put together two hardscape slabs to create the set of steps attached.  Being in New England I use a ton of granite stair sets and want to build a a favorites library of the various common sizes and combinations.  But first I need to take the two separate hardscape objects and turn them into one object.  So far I have been able to group the two objects and create a symbol which I can drop into the drawing easily.  But it seems like the rendering options are limited.  I also see with one I can create a new slab style but when I put the two together I don't get that option.  Can the stair tool be used for this?  I'm looking for the best method.



Screenshot (43).png

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

extrude these and apply a texture. use create hybrid to create 2D look you want. or create a symbol of the extrude and add 2D graphics by pasting the original line work. No need to use hardscape.

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