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Running Worksheet Scripts

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I want to create a worksheet script that will write some of the contents of the worksheet to a tab delimited file.  The contents of the script is pretty straight forward as is specifying the path to the script in the RunScript function call.  My question is, when does the script run?  I am assuming that the function call must be in a cell of the worksheet "=RunScript()", but I could be wrong.  Is entering and/or leaving the cell required?  Is a recalculation of the worksheet required.  Ideally, the function would be in a button on the worksheet that the user could press.  Perhaps a cell could be made to look like a button, TBD, but also keep in mind that the entire worksheet will be created by a script, so any cells or objects that facilitate this functionality need to be able to be created by a script.  So, when does a script called by the RunScript() function run?

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The script runs on Recalculation. On every recalculation.


I don't think there is a way to get your "button" idea to work using RunScript.


Do you want the worksheet to be in Edit mode when the script runs? If you can deal with the button just being on the drawing, you can probably use the Hyperlink on an object that looks like a button to run a script.

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Recalculation is basically a manual function. You can choose Recalculate this worksheet or recalculate all worksheet from the Worksheet File menu.


Per Raymond, you can also turn off Automatic Recalculation so that it does not recalculate every time you make a change and only when you force a recalculation.


I believe some functions like printing and publishing will also force a recalculation so the data is updated.


And as Raymond says you can for a recalculation via script.


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