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Edit symbol by handle

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I have a PIO that does something similar to duplicate array, but parametric.

I also have a command that starts from a selected 2D or 3D object and turns it into a Serial Duplicate PIO

The duplicated object source has to be a symbol because I can’t use the profile group in a point plugin.

I’m trying to make a doubleclick on the object edit the symbol content. I tried the EditObjectSpecial, but that doesn’t seem to work...

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Not surprising I guess (editobjectspecial). I use profile groups in WinDoor to store symbols. Here's a code snippet:


    { put symbol instance into profile group }
    Symbol(SymName, 0, 0, 0);
    hSym := LNewObj;
    h1 := GetCustomObjectProfileGroup(ghParm);
    IF h1 = Nil THEN Flag := SetCustomObjectProfileGroup(ghParm, hSym)
        h2 := FInGroup(h1);
        IF (h2 <> Nil) & (GetTypeN(h2) = 15) THEN BEGIN
            SetPref(9871, True);
            Flag := SetParent(hSym, GetCustomObjectProfileGroup(ghParm));
            SetPref(9871, False);



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I had a hard time doing this for a PIO I was writing last summer.  EditObjectSpecial seems like the logical procedure, but I could never get it to work.  Joshua Benghiat shared a little snippet that worked like a dream: SetObjectVariableInt(<handle>,9743,0).  It's one of those things that doesn't appear in the function reference, so without special knowledge, it seems impossible.

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EditObjectSpecial only works for PIO's, and I believe mode 4 will give you the profile group.


Which ties into Julian's suggestion - any PIO can have a profile and path group as a sort of auxiliary storage. Path-based PIO's will use these automatically, but point-based PIO's can have them as well. In fact, if your PIO ultimately converts the symbols to a group, placing a copy of the symbol in the profile group will protect it from getting purged.


And assuming that you've jumped in to event based PIO's, 

    kObjOnSpecialEditID        = 7;
is the event for the double click, and 

    kObjXPropSpecialEdit        = 3;
    kCustomSpecialEdit        = 1;
are the extended properties you need to set in the init event

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