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Edit Solid using 'Move 3D' not working as expected



Here goes:

Creating a solid with two slots in it. A sheet of 3/4" plywood with two slots. easy.

Create the solid, subtract a couple rectangles. No problem.

the two rectangles are, say, 1 3/4" apart. 

Double click solid, enter 'edit solid' dialog.

Move the two cutouts directly adjacent to each other. Exit. Verify that the cutout is now just one big hole. perfect. Now i'd like a 2" 'bar' between the two holes.

Return to modify solid dialog.

Select one of the cut outs, use 'Move 3D' to move one of the cut outs exactly 2" away from the other.

Use the dimension tool. Check that the two items are, in fact, 2" from each other.

Exit 'edit solid' dialog.

Return to top/Plan, use dimension tool to check distance between items.

Dimension tool shows 1 3/4" between items.

What am I missing here? I have a screen cap showing the issue if that helps.

I originally thought this was because in the 'regular' 2d move dialog, there was a 1/4" dimension in there from a previous action. But I changed that to x=0 and y=0 and have the same issue.

It is like Move 3D moves the subtraction in the dialog window, but it doesn't actually modify the solid once you exit.




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Wow. I would have never ever caught that. I appreciate it! I'm sure I grabbed a corner and pulled it in or out at some point. and i'm assuming that 'scales' the solid as opposed to the way you would grab the corner of a rectangle and just pull it in to change the dimension.

Thanks a ton. Just didn't even see that.


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