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I want to use cloud services to render a number of viewports in one .vwx file, but in the sheet layer the viewports are located on, the Export Panorama option is greyed out. Only when I go back to a design layer is it visible again. Then when I go to a camera view and export this via the cloud services folder, the image I get back is a very extended distorted 'fish eye' view, see attached. Camera views are what I see and the processed images are what I got back from the cloud... Can you create images from the sheet layer or do you have to expert sheets as pdf's?

Any tips/guides to using the cloud as I don't find the 'help' very 'helpul'....

Camera view.jpg

processed image.jpg

Camera view 2.jpg

processed image 2.jpg

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The panorama view has to be viewed through a browser of Nomad. There's scripting that the Panorama needs to make that image into a usable view. This can only be done through the design Layer. Sheet layer Viewports are a 2D view of the 3D model, the Pano is 3D.

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You can export the sheets using the Cloud to process. Similarly, you can use the Publish Command on the Cloud to export saved views from the design layers into image file format.s


Not sure that answers your questions

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Hi Lee.


The camera view is a way to create a viewport, you need to do this on a particular sheet where you can also specify the dpi. If you export directly from the workspace it's only a DPI of 72. 


I will pass your comments on about the help. Just for your info this workflow is covered on the vectorworks university where a lot of the training content is free at present.


You can export the sheet layers as images, you can also use saved sets and export options for this. Or use the Export image command when the sheet layer view is active.


Export Panorama is great and can be rendered with cloud services I have a series of saved views I trigger to begin each export. It can be used on any software which can read a panoramic image but cloud services and the cloud app is useful if your client doesn't have access to this. You can also create interactive presentations using the cloud services tools in a web browser.


Hope that helps.


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@TomWhiteLight Hi Tom. Can you point me to the title of the video/s describing the workflow on the University.. All I could find on Cloud services related to Cloud Presentations rather than how to utilise the processing capabilities..

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