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Get Stair Data from Stair Objects



Is it possible to pull in/edit stair General Geometry (i.e. Tread Depth(G), Riser Height(R), Num of Risers, Stair Width, Walk Line Length) into a worksheet? If not, why?


I noticed that Total Rise can be queried and edited, but not other geometries.


I have a project where I need to edit 50 stair objects to ALL be the same, albeit different than originally drafted, dimension. It would be so awesome if this was available in a worksheet, with the ability to change them all from 4'-3" to 4'-0". 


Otherwise, the only way to change these all is to go through them individually and change the width because they all have different total rises, and riser heights.


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10 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Check out the data in the IFCStair:Pset_StairCommon. 


I think that will get you everything you asked for except the width and walk line.


@_c_ can you help with extracting data from the Stair object?


Pat, I sent you a private message.


I attach here a file with a worksheet collecting relevant things, for those who needs them and need an example.

Stair CW all parms.vwx


Anyway, always look into the .p files in your User Library. Computerworks adds things often.


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