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Subtracted Extrusions are Disappearing

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I am using OS10.3 and WAS using vectorworks 10.0.1 when the problems occurred....

I have been doing a detailed 3d model using one layer and multiple classes.....only now am i having problems with disappearing objects which have been extruded and have had other objects subtracted from them.....not only do they disappear, but large rectangles take their place....

Vectorworks said it might be a corrupted file or the version of vw wasn't completely compatible with the panther OS...the guy hadn't heard of that problem before so maybe someone else can help??


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First, update to VW 10.5.1.

That will fix most of the modeling problems you are having and the file corruption problem.

If you need the file fixed, please email it to me and I'll see if the file is able to be repaired.

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