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Folding overhead doors




I was wondering if anyone would be familiar with a way to adequately model a folding overhead glazed door?
I can certainly model a door and insert it as a symbol, but I want the door schedule to pick it up.

I attached an image to give you an idea of what I am after.


Thank you!

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 2.55.26 PM.png

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Doors have an option for "Use Symbol Geometry".


Draw the door you want as a Symbol and then tell the Door object to use that symbol to draw the geometry. You will still have to enter the correct data for Height/Width/Etc. for the Door Object, but once you do you will get the normal scheduling ability but with the look you want.

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Option 1:

Insert a regular door first.  Set the size to be correct.


Model the door w/o the jamb.  Convert everything to generic solids.  Create a 3D symbol with the insertion point at the middle of the bottom of the door.


Look in the folder ~/user/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/year/Libraries/Defaults/Door - Custom Leaves


If that folder is empty, put a blank VW file in there.  (there may be a way to get vw to automatically create a file there, but I don't remember that at the moment).  If there is already one there, even better.


Export the symbol to that file.  If you had to create a new file, restart VW.


In Door > Settings > Leaf pick custom and navigate to that symbol.


The leaf WILL resize if you change the size of the door.


Option 2:

Insert a regular door.  Set the size to be correct.


Model the door with the jamb.  Make sure the insertion point is where the center of the wall would be. on the floor.


Create a hybrid symbol.


In Door > Settings > General click Use symbol geometry and select the symbol.


The door WILL NOT resize if you change the size of the door.



In both cases the door will appear in your schedule.

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I often find it useful to get the door close, especially the muntins, rails, and styles.  Then duplicate it twice outside the wall.  In top/plan view convert one copy to a group.  In any 3D view convert the other to a group.


Now you have the 2D part of the symbol (for option 2) and you can harvest the glazing, muntins, rails and styles for the 3D part.  Just be aware that doors are split in half so there is an inside and outside.  You only need that if the treatment is different on the inside and outside.  Any class assignments you have for the parts will be preserved.


If you need to show the door in the open position, you will need to make two sets of door leaves in the symbol and assign them to different classes.

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