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There are two places in the print dialog box where you can change the print percentage. If you are using an Epson printer, it is in the lower left hand corner of the print dialog box. If you are using any other printer, you can chage the print from 100% scale and change it to whatever you want. This scale is done by the driver. The place where VectorWorks scales the drawing in under the drop down box that says "page Attirbutes". Change this to "VectorWorks". You will see a scaling option there. You can reduce that to whatever scale percent you wish to use. If you change the scale in both places, please be sure the scale is set to the same number.

You can also scale objects in a drawing by a percentage. Select an object, go to Tool>Scale Objects. Select "entire drawing", enter the scale - if you want it to be scaled by 50%, enter .5. Then click okay. This will scale the drawing.

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I find that print scaling does not work properly if you do what seems the natural thing: select a new page size, then change the print scaling percentage. It only works properly if, in this exact order, I 1)change the page size in Print Setup, then 2) set the Print Area (under the Page pull-down menu), then 3) go back to Print Setup to enter print scaling. This behavior may have to do with my specific settings - I usually do this in order to print an Architectural D sheet at 50% on a 13x19 sheet, or smaller on an 11x17. I don't understand why the above steps can't be done in the order 1), 3), 2), but it hasn't worked for me - if I do it that way, the print scaling setting returns to 100%.

VW 9.0.1Win 2000HP 1220CP4 2G/768

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