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Plants again

Tom W.

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I had to lay out some blueberry plants in a field. I thought I'd be clever + use the plant tool for the first time. I have 5 different blueberry varieties so I made styles for them. I set the spacing + used Poly-Edge Spaced mode to draw the rows. Really quick so far + was giving me totals for each variety in a spreadsheet. But very quickly became very slow + I realised it didn't like the numbers involved (192 plants per row). I got rid of the 3D component of my blueberry symbols thinking this would help as I only needed 2D plan. But still v slow + started to crash. Turned off all the layers apart from the 2D outline + then stopped crashing but still v slow, like when enabling the tag. I persevered because I wanted to fill the whole field + get my plant totals but VW clearly wasn't happy. I tried turning the plant-component classes back on in the VP + it just crashed immediately.


There were 220 rows in the end so over 42,000 plants (!). I just wonder from someone who knows about these things what a better approach might have been...? This was just on a 2D map, not a site model.


If I inserted 42,000 2D symbols in the drawing would it have been equally unhappy? like I say, it was unhappy way before I reached that number



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Yes, you've probably got Mass Plants on by default in the Plant Tool Preferences. This means it has to calculate a random edge to the groups of plants, as you draw them. 

Far better to turn this off in the Tool Preferences. You can always turn it on later on the Object Info palette when you are happy with where the plants are positioned, to get the grouped look. (I have to admit that when I first typed that, it said "groped look". Not really what you're looking for here. 😊)

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Thanks @Tamsin Slatter  but no, 'Mass Plants' is disabled for the styles. But the plants are at 800 centres anyway + their spread is only 600 so not touching. Like this:


I'm using 'Poly-Edge Spaced Mode' to draw a line of 192 plants then using move by points to duplicate it a further 19 times 3m apart to give me 20 rows of each variety.


This is what I came up with:



The blue lines in the upper half of the field are just lines that represent existing rows. The black lines in the bottom have are my rows of Plants with everything except the outline turned off so it doesn't crash.


When I draw a row of 192 plants I get this message which I took as a hint that if I repeated it 220 times all might not be well...!




As for internal origin I'm 1.7km away so I assume that's ok as I understood it was only over 5km that things would start to be problematic....?


@Nico_be thank you I did wonder whether I should be using 'Landscape Area' (surface plantee) but didn't think it was suitable as I'm interested in plotting the precise geolocation of each planting row rather than filling an overall area at a certain density but I will have a look at it now...


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