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Best tool to model a wave like shape

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Hello everybody,


I would like to build a set piece that looks a bit like a part of a wave or a ramp and wondered what the best way to go about modelling this would be. I added an example picture of an architecture by Zara Hadid. What I'm looking to create is the first part, the ramp like structure. I don't know whether nurbs or subdivion is the best tool to use. Maybe a combination or something completely different.


(side not, but not that important at this point: I would like to build it in a way that it could be build easily for a theatre stage, so it could come apart into parts that are easily transportable.)


Any help greatly appreciated.




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I think I would start with NURBS.

At the end this will give you proper Solids.


I would use SubD's only for preliminary design studies

as the they often produce geometry issues.


Working with NURBS in a destructive old school workflow

may mean to always keep copies of curves and Profiles,

in case you need later modifications.

You can start creating NURBS Faces and using Tools like

Thicken later.

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Thank you so much!


And would you start with a nurbs surface or nurbs curve? I started with a polyline and then used loft, which I believe is a nurbs structure too? But there are lots of adjustements to make still before I have achieved the shape I want and I'm not quite sure how to do this. I attached a picture. Maybe you've got a couple more coments.

Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 20.09.43.png

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A few ways to approach this:


You could draw a nurbs curve as the backbone of what you want and then extrude along path with a simple profile. I'd run the profile "long" so it burries into the deck and then trim/slice the bottom flat at deck height. 


You could also draw a nurbs curve for each side (and maybe even centerline) and then loft them. Again, trim the bottom flat after the fact as well as upstage and downstate edges. 


With any approach, I would get the mass of the shape correct and then slice it up into stock and custom decks or any way you want. 


Hope that helps some. 



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