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LOCation of symbols


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Hi- This may be an easy one. Trying to make a worksheet that shows the location of symbols. The symbols are all audio equipment in a rack, and the locations are rack spaces (rectangles, each having a specific name) As symbols are shuffled, I would want the spreadsheet to show the location. I can use LOC as a boolean to see if the symbol is in a location LOC="Rack1U1" but how do I find the name of the location?

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Not an easy one because the link is really one way, Is an object in a Loc. There is no easy way to find out What Loc is an object in.


The is no dynamic way to get that information. It is fairly easy to write a script that would go through and store the Loc name into a Custom Record (or a spare field in your device record), but if you moved a device to a different Loc and did not rerun the script the data would be out of date.


Actually let me think about that more. It MIGHT be possible to create a worksheet script so the script would run every time the worksheet is recalculated so it would be more dynamic. But depending on the number of devices, it could be quite slow.


Here is a link to the thread the last time this question was asked.



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