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Referenced Viewport Class Tags

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Hi! I'm trying to figure out how to filter classes in a referenced viewport by tag. If I edit a class in the Viewport Class Properties window, I can see the tag assigned in the "Descriptions/Tags" view, but when I try to make a new filter, those tags aren't available. It seems like the filter is only using tags from the open project. Has anyone figured out a way to use tags from other referenced VWX projects?


Thanks so much!!



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The only way that this will be possible is by loading the classes into the document.......


  1. Go the Viewport's Class section and in the column named source, enable the Class(es) so they are all local. (A Vectorworks logo will appear in the column)
  2. The Classes are all loaded into your document.
  3. If you enable  Use Current Document's Class Visibilities before you exit the dialog, then when you exit, all the classes will be loaded into your file and the viewport will respond to the overall Class Visibilities of your document.
  4. Tags and descriptions etc will also be available now for you to filter etc.....

Hope that makes sense!!

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Well that will show me not to test something before suggesting it!! How right you are. I'm going to put an enhancement request in right now. (VB-176661)


If you use the old referencing method which imports the design layers,  then Tags and Descriptions do import into the file. To change to that method go to Settings in the Reference tab of the Organisation palette. 


Beware though. It's all or nothing. You can use this old method or the newer Design Layer Viewports method. Not both....


BTW, thanks for the kind words about the tutorials.....

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