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Activate Layer and Class - Short Cut

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Good idea and thanks for sharing!

This reminds me of an old wish of mine to have the "Activate Class" command activate the "None" class when right-clicking on the background.  That might be something worth putting in there.  In that case, the active layer would not change but the active class would be set to "None".

Just thought I'd throw it out there...  🙂 

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This seemed really useful and I immediately downloaded it!

...a while ago.

...I'm just getting around to loading it.



And (as expected) the help pages are not helpful at all.


"Add the new plug-in to one or more workspaces with the Workspace Editor.   See Customizing workspaces.   Once the item has been added to a workspace, it is available to any open file in Vectorworks without the need for importing the associated script into the active file."


Of course clicking on the customizing workspaces link says absolutely nothing about .vsm files and how to add them to your workspace....



If you have a moment, could you give me a condensed "this is how you make this work" list of actions?



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You just need to add the .vsm file to the "Plugins" folder located in either your Vectorworks app folder or your User folder (depending upon how you organize your custom plugins.


You'll then need to restart VW.  When it starts up again, the available plugins will be refreshed. 


Then go to menu: Tools>Workspaces>Edit Current Workspace


Select "Menus" (not Tools or Keys)

On the left sidebar, flip down "All Menus" and scroll the list to the new plugin name that you want to add to your workspace.


Grab it and drag it into the menu location of your choice (at right).

Once there, you can assign a hot key (short cut).


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