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Help with lighting a render


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Hi, Internal shadows without shadow decals. Mirror not as good without probe and never use displacement mapping except in one of my tutorials as never required to detail the grass. TM is a great extension to VW.  

Leave it at that.



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Really pretty stuff @AlanW. I think that we are at a very exciting time in the render universe, with so many options to play with.  Part of the struggle is to know the strengths and weaknesses of working with these engines, and being able to plan your workflow appropriately.  If I did more architectural work I would be all over TM and Enscape.  I have been disappointed in their results when it comes to doing theatrical style work however, as that type of rendering wants a lot of darkness, a lot of focused lighting.  So it's Redshift in C4D for me most of the time.  But I like having TM around!

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So where i use TM is fast Client walkaround presentation. I have found the result without a lot of work provides the Client with a much clearer idea as to what they are getting. It the overall image and feel. I dont get into creating special bump or displacement textures as you dont see it as you are walking around. I know you can spend hours to get the static image looking amazing but i am really presenting the idea to the Client and sometimes its a full white model.

The image top left is the basic VW open GL, next right is the TM straight export with glass and water added. then the final with materials and entourage.

Always learning and thanks for the links to other items.

Just letting others know what is possible.


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