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I am using VW2021.  I have inserted  unstyled doors into a model.  The glazing is not functioning correctly.   I have selected attributes to use class.  In settings I have selected classes, glazing to be clear glass.  However, the glazing is still solid as in a panel door?  If I replicate the process in a blank document, the glazing appears to work correctly.  Perhaps something in the model?  Any ideas?


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Assuming the door itself it set up properly (sounds like it is), double check these two things:

  1. In the navigation palette, right click the glazing class you chose (probably Glazing-Clear) and click on the "Textures" category on the left. Make sure "Object and Component Textures" is set to the texture you'd like. (Sometimes this class will be missing its texture if the texture is inadvertently deleted from the RM).
  2. Under OpenGL settings and make sure the "Textures" checkbox is enabled (of course, if you see other various textures in your model then this isn't it).


You could also attach the file here or screenshots for additional help.



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