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Linear Object Plugin Tool / Gravel

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Hi All,

I am willing to create a Linear Object Plugin Tool to improve annotation process on sections thru site, showing gravel as in the image below.

I am wondering if anyone would have a script to share on something similar that I could adapt. In fact, any linear tool script would be welcome.

Circulated below is a 2D with the gravel element that I want to create Linear Plugin for.

Thank you in advance,



Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 9.00.52 AM.png

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@Gabriel Ostermann 


I've tried a variety of solutions to this issue. 

  • The stipple tool has a nice look, but it is very slow and memory intensive.
  • I would steer clear of the linear plugin tool.  I've found it to be glitchy in practice.

Solution #1 (preferred): Hatches

On the left side of the image below is a gravel hatch that I have set to a class.  The hatch is from VW's default library.  I included a solid white fill in the hatch settings to cover up the soil hatch where the two are overlaid.  The hatch can be applied to a polygon of any shape.  I've set the display to "page" rather than "world" so that the hatch displays correctly in both detail and section.  You can override the hatch scale in the attribute pallet if you want a custom size.


In addition to a granular hatch, I also have a circular hatch (not shown) to designate drain rock.


Solution #2: Line Styles

Line styles are quite powerful and work like a linear material IF your objects conform to a fixed width along the line length.

On the right side of this graphic is a line style that I put together in a few minutes using different circles.

You could use polygons or any shape that you want repeated.


The bubble outline atop the gravel on both sides is also a custom line style - which we use for everything from redlines to tree boundaries (and yes gravel).

With line styles, you can adjust the scale per instance with the attributes, so it gives flexibility to how they can be used.





When you create a custom line and EDIT it's geometry, you'll get this view.  I recommend placing your objects above or below the baseline so that you can control the display along one edge. By dragging the gray copies on either side of your geometry, you can control the repeat spacing.





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