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Helping my sales team....ideas needed

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Hello fellow Vectoworkians, 

I work for a manufacturing facility and we install a product that would get filed under fit and finishes for interiors. I use VW to draw out the space and produce installation plans for installers and also produce rendered out views to help our clients close the deal with their clients. 


There has been a long time desire for the sales team to be able to add shapes to customer supplied photographs to help communicate the visual aspects of our product, something that not technical people can do quickly. The CEO, sales GM and myself thought we had a solution and started working through it, when presenting the working concept to the rest of the team the flaws were revealed quickly. We scrapped that idea. What I was doing was exporting our individual products in a .PNG file from multiple views, this allowed us to drag and drop the 3d shape onto a photo. I exported multiple views so that no matter how the photo was taken, it could look ok with some simple manipulation. 


No one liked this. Like no one........even the CEO and sales GM hated it after showing them how they could use it. Back to square one.......


Is there anything that untrained and new sales people could use quickly and easily to help convey the visual aspect to customers, while they wait for a rendered or proper 2d drawing? 

Is there a way to export 3d shapes from VW that can be handled like a 3d item outside of a 3d program?

Any ideas at all? 


Any help or ideas is super appreciated. Im pretty lost on this one.......

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export 3d pdf

The result is a 3d model of an object that can be rotated about in a good pdf viewer for a fraction of the cost of installing Vectorworks.

BlueBeam can import your client's photograph but I'm not sure of its capabilities of merging 3d and 2d. You can get 30 day trials to functionally test it out.

But this is only an electronic version of what you had already proposed.

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I personally use Keyshot for this. It is a rather expensive app but delivers very believable high quality visuals quicker than anything else I have tried. The background in the example is just a plain photo, and yet models gets well integrated into photos in a realistic and seamless way and more or less in realtime. I use OBJ out from VW which works fine, but it supports a wide range of file formats from VW. 



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An alternative to Keyshot could be SimLab Composer (https://simlab-soft.com/) to combine external sources with VW 3D models. It might take a bit more work than with Keyshot (or not, as I have never used Keyshot) and it is not that expensive compared to Keyshot so perhaps a more viable option if it will be occasionally used.


If you are going to use this kind of thing a lot then you may want to test both trial versions to see which one is the better option for you.

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