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Ryan Russell

AEC Frame Wall Tool

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I was playing around with this tool yesterday for the first time.


What I am curious about is... "how do you add the sheetrock back to the wall for adding textures?"

Does the tool itself override the previous modifications to the wall?

Is there a specific process that one should follow when using this tool?

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It is for framing only.

Studs, plates, blocking.


It is a separate drawing than Floor plan walls, assuming you are using walls (defined or others)

where you usually control the drywall texture.


As far as I know, if you make changes, you must regenerate.

I myself do not use it, as it is inadequate for my needs.


A lot of users have requested the Tool to get some serious attention.


As far as use goes, depends on ones needs.

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@taoist is right. Use the Wall Framer tool at the end (or near the end) of the modelling process to insert a load of extrudes into the core component of your timber-framed walls. You need to ensure that you specify a stud the same thickness as that wall component. Then turn the wood framing component class off to see the framework or vice versa. They occupy the same space. The wall framing model + the walls are two separate entities. They have no ongoing interrelationship with each other so any change you make to your walls, you will need to reframe your stud work. The wall framer is just a quick way of generating a load of Extrudes. It is not the finest tool in the tool box.


The Create Joists + Roof Framer commands are a bit more useful because they generate Framing Members i.e. fully parametric objects. But again, you will still need to do some modification by hand after the fact to get it looking the way it should.


The worksheets the wall framer automatically generates leave a lot to be desired. I choose to report on my stud work differently as all I want is a total linear metres figure.

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Hi all,


Here's a little model that I framed if you'd like to see the set-up.  I have tweaked it a bit placing elements in logical classes and layers.  You can use the Saved Views to toggle between framed and unframed views.  It's still a bit of a work in progress...





Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 10.02.30 AM.png




Ugly House.vwx

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Thanks Wes can you post a 2020 version? Be interested to see what you did with the wall framer classes/layers. Cheers

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Most enjoyable thank you.

Looks like you did what I have been doing which is discard the layers the wall framer generates + paste the extrudes into your own existing layer set-up. That's good to know!

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