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Ross McLee

AutoCAD XRef Clipping boundary equivalent

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Hello good forum people,

As a new VW user and transitioner from ACAD...

I like the DWG import functionality within VW but would like to know if I can limit the amount of information imported or at least what is displayed. ACAD uses XREF clipping boundaries, is there an equivalent in VW?


I think in ACAD it also reduced the amount of memory required for the Xref itself so a performance enhanser.




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If you are referencing geometry using viewports, then you can add a crop to the Viewport to clip the area displayed. Double click on the viewport and choose edit crop. Draw a closed shape such as a rectangle or polygon and when you exit the edit crop window, the viewport geometry will be cropped.

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Thanks Markdd,

I was more interested in clipping the content in the design layer...


E.G I have been sent some architectural drawings which show multiple spaces (section and plan) (on different levels) in one DWG but the spaces should really be put on different design layers. So clipping them to hide the irrelevant content (minimise their memory use) would be good and have multiple references of the same file in multiple design layers.


Does that make sense?


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You can make multiple duplicates of the same referenced viewport and then assign different design layers to each viewport as you wish.


Use the Layers and Classes buttons in the Object Information Palette of individual Design Layer Viewports to choose which layers go in which Viewports. You can be very specific about what content goes in each viewport using this method. Any of the Referenced viewports can be assigned to any design layer, so it's up to you as to how you manage the distribution of ACAD Layers (classes) around the Vectorworks Design Layers.


All this can be centrally organised using the Visibilities radio button in the top right-hand corner of the Organisation Dialog as well.

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