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Default Lighting not disappearing with lights Added

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Hello Vworks World,



I come to you all in a time of great need, struggling with creating a digital stage lit virtually, and facing some issues/maybe bugs with Default and Ambient Lighting. 


So, after some tinkering with two .stl files I've received from my Set Designer for a digital proscenium (with a metal black texture for now), and an inner piece meant to glow like a molten iron texture, I've discovered that there was a rather unsavory, very pale white light that seemed to stay on my final quality renderings coming from the angle of wherever my view was pointed, or whatever texture was on each of the objects.


I've read in the forums that this is probably the Default lighting, as I've removed the ambient lighting from the document. But what I don't understand, is that no matter the amount or brightness of other lights that I add, there seems to always remain the ugly default lighting. I don't know if this is something to do with STLs ( I had the same issue with it in .obj form as well), or if default lighting is bugged rn, but I am honestly trying to achieve a true black with a small glow from the inner piece for a lot of the looks I'm trying to generate.


I've added the vwx file as well as a screenshot with the issue showing for me. Any solutions, tips, or fixes would be greatly appreciated. 






Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 12.00.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 12.06.18 AM.png

Prosc Test.vwx

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The default light is a directional light that comes from over your left shoulder. That's not what I'm seeing here. The default light turns off as soon as you place a render light (or an object containing a render light) in the drawing (in a visible layer or class). The render lights can be turned off, and you won't see the default light.


I'm not really clear what the bottom image is showing, but in the top, you are likely seeing the backlight spill over the top and interacting with the metallic surface texture. 


If you're looking for the red to glow from within, rather using a backlit texture lit with a render light, use a glow texture, which generates its own light.

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Doesn’t the ambient light have to be turned off manually in the “lighting options”?  I know it turns on automatically if VWX doesn’t recognize a lighting object regardless of settings. 

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@scottmoore there's actually two sources of light that don't come from a light object.


One is ambient light, set in the Lighting Options for the layer or viewport. This can be plain ambient, essentially just the black point, and/or light from an HDRI background.


The other is the default light that renders when no light objects are present or visible (i.e. in a hidden layer or class). This is a directional light that comes form over your left shoulder regardless of the view.

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Well dang Josh!  I actually thought those were one and the same. After 20 some odd years I had no idea. Thanks!!

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