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Viewport Class & layer Override 'Styles'

Tim Harland


We would love to have a way to manage class and layer overrides in viewports, at least within files - we have some project with over 100 plan sheets alls with the same class override - any tweaks to the override settings requires a very careful use of the eyedropper tool and is difficult to manage. If these styles were able to be transferred across drawings (with the same class set) that would be even better.

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2 hours ago, Tim Harland said:

100 plan sheets alls with the same class override

If they are all have the same override then why not change the class attributes and have no overrides?


Overrides come into their own when you want some viewports to show different attributes to others.


That said viewport styles would indeed be very useful.

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@Boh that could work but our class colours etc are defined by the client (for dwg export) and we often have multiple sets of viewport within the same file that have different attributes required. It is not just overrides it is also class visibilities that I’d like to control in one place.

The biggest issue is that the workflow to adjust the override properties across multiple sheets is tricky - every time you adjust a property or switch a class on or off you need to get the correct eye dropper settings and run through the whole set - this is not very intuitive or efficient especially when there is a big team working on the project with different skill levels.

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@KrisM While I very much agree that viewport styles can't come soon enough, I did write a menu command that is available and explained here that simplifies the process a little bit by copying class and/or layer settings (and overrides) from one viewport to any other viewports in one step.  Likewise, you can use the Eyedropper tool to copy overrides from one viewport to another fairly quickly, but it involves more clicking.

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