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Adding popup options to record formats

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Has anyone succeeded in adding popup values to a new field in a record format? If tried using VWRecordFormatObj and TFormat, and while the command appears to succeed, getting the popup values immediately after confirms that the values remain empty. 

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You could add popup choices in the initialization of your global parameter by supplying some SParametricParamChc:


#define k_chc_def_tuerform 128

#define k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett 129


static SParametricParamChc    gArrChoices[] = {

    { k_chc_def_tuerform,    "Eckig",    {kTuerformChoices, "1"} },

    { k_chc_def_tuerform,    "Rund",    {kTuerformChoices, "2"} },


    { k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett,    k_un_door_choice_anzeigeart_draufsicht,    {kWindowDoorStringViewsComplex, "1"} },

    { k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett,    k_un_door_choice_anzeigeart_komplett_hybrid,    {kWindowDoorStringViewsComplex, "2"} },

    { k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett,    k_un_door_choice_anzeigeart_ansicht,    {kWindowDoorStringViewsComplex, "3"} },

    { k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett,    k_un_door_choice_anzeigeart_schnitt,    {kWindowDoorStringViewsComplex, "4"} },



    { NULL, "", {0,0} }


static SParametricParamDef gArrParameters[] = {

        { k_un_door_cw_tuerform,    {kTuerLocalizedParameterStrings, garr_names_of_parameters[T9_DB_TUERFORM]},        "Eckig",    "Eckig",    kFieldPopUp,    k_chc_def_tuerform },

        { k_un_door_cw_anzeigeart_komplett,    {kTuerLocalizedParameterStrings, garr_names_of_parameters[T9_DB_ANZEIGEART_KOMPLETT]},        "Draufsicht",    "Draufsicht",    kFieldPopUp,    k_chc_def_anzeigeart_komplett },

        // TERMINATE

        { "", {0,0}, "", "", EFieldStyle(0), 0 }


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Thanks, though that’s not quite what I need — I have no problem initializing a PIO with choices or managing choices a popup widget. 
I’m looking to build or modify a record format outside of a PIO

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