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Converting Pen Lines to Generic Solids


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Unfortunately AE doesn't work with DWGs. If I'm able to turn those lines into solid lines like Tom's example, I'm fairly certain I can get where I need to be. But it's a lot of different multiple extrude types so need to figure out how to automate it to some degree. My guess is doing an extrude along path for every face of every pyramid is probably the most automated I'm going to get.

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Now we're getting somewhere! Great idea. 





Now I just need to figure out how to add weight to those chamfered edges without changing the pyramid geometry too much. Compensating for the triangle chamfer seems to work (by starting with a slightly bigger pyramid), but it isn't exact. 


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@trashcan More testing !

Not sure how AE deals with nurbs, polygons and  meshes, but I was messing with another approach. I don't have AE, so I could not test it.


Two files attached. I tried attaching  an OBJ file but I guess those aren't allowed. 


1) One is a c4d file which incidentally contains all the edges of the pyramid as polygons.


2) One is a VW v2020 file that has two versions of the Pyramid.  One is made from nurbs surfaces and the other is comprised of extrude along path items, where I used a 1/8" diameter circle as the profile object.


See if any of these work.  Don't mind the scale of the Pyramid , as this is mainly a test. One thing I did notice, and may have messed up, grant_PD's triangle did not use a square base for the Pyramid...where as mine did.

May God be with you. :-)





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