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Grade Limit Issue (nested grade limit)


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I'm afraid it's not possible to have nested Grade Limit modifiers. You'll need to reshape the outer modifier so that it doesn't include the root zone for the tree. 
Alternatively, draw a 3D polygon around the tree root zone, and send it to the existing surface and put it in the Site-DTM-Modifier class. This will ensure that although the tree is within the zone that can be modified, the existing levels around it will be transferred to the proposed model.

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1 minute ago, bgoff said:

Set a pad around the tree and set the pad to existing. The site will not modify that area.

Yes, that too, but a Pad is planar by nature, and the site might not be. That's why I would recommend going the extra mile and using a 3D poly, sent to the surface, so that it picks up the true levels of the site. If you add a Pad, and set it to existing, you run the risk of changing the existing levels.

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You can define multiple limits per site. I often create limits around the specific item to create the limit to that item. Limits can cross each other, so as they become a series of different shapes entertaining or overlapping I will select all and add surface. This makes for a complex shape over the site as a single limit. Also on large sites I may have multiple separate limits leaving areas untouched.

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@bgoff thank you very much for this I've been meaning to look at it properly since you posted it.

Would you be able to post a 2020 version of the file?

I'm intrigued by the circular pad around the right hand tree in the plan. In my very rudimentary understanding of site modelling I probably would have sought to use a grade limits to 'protect' this tree from site modifications, kind of like @DDD in their original post, but you are using a pad modifier on the existing model instead? This is also confusing because I thought using modifiers on the existing model was discouraged... Could that flat circle around the tree be achieved with a grade limits instead? Just to improve my understanding of these things



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